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Dec 15 2021
We are currently running a poll if we should launch second season of Zesoria unmanaged, you find it here.
Feb 20 2021
The issue we had that prevented players from logging in has been solved!
Feb 19 2021
We're currently having little background issues preventing people from login, you can bypass the issue by change your password to same you currently have, we're working to solve this issue as fast as possible!
Feb 08 2021
Today we released client version 1.61, if you're using Windows client it will automatically download itself. If you use other kind of client you may need to download the latest version!
Feb 08 2021
Zesoria has been closed and cleaned and being prepared for it's first official season!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 892 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 294 days ago.
Rookgaard Quests
NameLevelLocationRewardEndok Profile >>
Antidote Rune Quest 0 Rookgaard antidote rune
Bear Room Quest 2 Rookgaard chain armor, brass helmet, 12 arrows, 40 gold
Captain Iglues Treasure Quest 2 Rookgaard Letter, 2 Salmon
Combat Knife Quest 0 Rookgaard combat knife
Doublet Quest 0 Rookgaard doublet
Dragon Corpse Quest 2 Rookgaard legion helmet, copper shield
Goblin Temple Quest 0 Rookgaard 50 gold, 4 snowballs, 5 small stones, sandals, pan and a vial of milk.
Katana Quest 2 Rookgaard katana
key 4601 2 Rookgaard key 4601
Legion Helmet Quest 0 Rookgaard legion helmet
Minotaur Hell Quest 2 Rookgaard carlin sword, 10 arrows, 4 poison arrows, fishing rod
Pick Quest 0 Rookgaard pick
Rapier Quest 0 Rookgaard rapier
Short Sword Quest 2 Rookgaard short sword
Studded Legs Quest 2 Rookgaard studded legs
Studded Shield Quest 2 Rookgaard studded shield
The Executener Quest 20 Rookgaard steel shield, spike sword, orcish axe or daramanian mace
Torch Quest 0 Rookgaard torch
Mainland Quests
NameLevelLocationRewardEndok Profile >>
Alawar's Vault Quest 0 Senja broad sword, 3 white pearls, dark helmet, 4 throwing knives, blank rune, 33 gold, key 4501, 4502, 4503
Annihilator Quest 100 Edron One out of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present with annihilation bear
Barbarian Axe Quest 0 Edron barbarian axe, scimitar
Battle Axe Quest 0 Thais battle axe
Behemoth Quest 60 Edron demon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, platinum amulet, life ring, crystal ring, 3 Small diamonds, 4 small sapphires
Berserker Treasure Quest 0 Edron 3 white pearl, 175 gold.
Black Knight Quest 50 Venore crown armor, crown shield
Blessed Wooden Stake Quest 0 Revedal blessed wooden stake
Blood Herb Quest 0 Venore blood herb
Circle Room Quest 32 Kazordoon dwarven axe, war hammer
Crusader Helmet Quest 35 Kazordoon crusader helmet
Crystal Wand Quest 60 Carlin sudden death rune with 2 charges, crystal wand, parchment
Dark Armor Quest 0 Edron dark armor
Dark Helmet Quest 0 Heimdir dark helmet, 25 onyx arrow,15 snowballs, 3 platinum coins.
Dead Archer Quest 0 Thais bow, 5 poison arrows, vial of mana fluid, vial of life fluid
Deeper Fibula Quest 50 Fibula knight axe, warrior helmet, elven amulet, tower shield, dwarven ring
Deeper Heimdir Quest 120 Heimdir backpack containing 5x sudden death rune, 10x ultimate healing rune, 15x avalanche rune, 20x stalagmite rune. and one out of: mythical crossbow, robe of masters, spellbook of lords, axe of the lord, club of the lord, sword of the lord.
Demon Helmet Quest 100 Edron demon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
Devil Helmet Quest 30 Thais devil helmet, halberd, 4 small sapphire
Double Hero Quest 0 Edron red gem, club ring
Draconia Quest 25 Draconia ice rapier, serpent sword, stone skin amulet and energy ring.
Dragon Tower Quest 0 Shadowthorn 2 small sapphires, 30 burst arrows, 60 poison arrows, bow
Dragonbone Staff Quest 50 Revendal dragonbone staff
Dreamer's Challenge Quest 0 Plains of Havoc brown bread, wine, certificate, nightmare/brotherhood outfits and addons, necromancer/nightmare shield, ability to use teleports in knightwatch tower.
Dynam Quest 150 Dynam Fortress moon backpack, firewalker boots, one out of: dynams axe, dynams club, dynams sword, dynams crossbow, spellbook of secrets
Edron Goblin Quest 0 Edron silver amulet, steel shield
Elephant Tusk Quest 0 Port Hope 2 elephant tusks
Elvenbane Quest 0 Elvenbane morning star, dwarven shield, mana fluid, blank rune, spellbook, 2 small diamond and 100 gold.
Emperor's Cookies Quest 0 Kazordoon key 3800, a bag with 20+7 cookies & key 3801 and key 3802 (for dwacatra prison & dwarf mines).
Explorer Brooch Quest 0 Kazordoon explorer brooch
Family Brooch Quest 0 Carlin family brooch or access to isle of the kings
Fanfare Quest 0 Carlin fanfare
Fire Axe Quest 60 Edron fire axe, ring of healing, dragon necklace, 7 small diamonds
Geomancer Quest 0 Thais small sapphire, small diamond, dwarven ring
Ghoul Room Quest 0 Thais garlic necklace, club ring
Giant Smithhammer Quest 0 Plains of Havoc giant smithhammer, talon, 100 gold
Glacier Robe Quest 45 Heimdir glacier robe
Griffin Shield Quest 30 Carlin griffin shield, dwarven axe, obsidian lance
Hydra Egg Quest 0 Port Hope hydra egg
Iron Hammer Quest 0 Kazordoon iron hammer
Iron Helmet Quest 0 Plains of Havoc iron helmet, sudden death rune, leather armor, letter, worn leather boots, longsword
Isle of the Mist Quest 0 Plains of Havoc 2 small emeralds
Key Ring Quest 25 Cormaya key ring
Kingdom of Kormarak Quest 0 Thais brass armor, brass helmet, hatchet and 13 throwing stars.
Lich Quest 65 Revendal dreaded cleaver, empty goldfish bowl
Life Ring Quest 0 Thais life ring, dragon necklace
Longsword Quest 0 Kazordoon longsword, mirror, 3 blank runes, wooden doll, wedding ring, 76 gold
Mad Mage Room Quest 40 Thais hat of the mad, stone skin amulet and star amulet
Mana Fluid Quest 0 Edron 5 vial of mana fluid
Medusa Shield Quest 60 Drefia medusa shield, blue robe, skull staff
Mortar Quest 200 Mortar demon backpack, 100 platinum coins, red spellwand, 30 talons, and one out of: axe of the masters, sword of destruction, club of starlight, marm armor, robe of the master, shield of mortar, morgal boots
Naginata Quest 40 Thais naginata
Noble Armor Quest 35 Thais noble armor, crown helmet
Northern Minotaur Quest 0 Heimdir dark armor, tusk shield
Obsidian Knife Quest 0 Revendal obsidian knife
Orc Fortress Quest 40 Orc Fortress knight armor, knight axe, fire sword
Orc Shaman Quest 0 Venore magic lightwand, axe ring, blank rune
Orc Tower Quest 0 Kazordoon serpent sword, protection amulet
Ornamented Shield Quest 0 Plains of Havoc ornamented shield (daily spawn), steel helmet (daily spawn), bag with crystal key # 3702, spike sword, dragon necklace, might ring, book (krendorak's journal), time ring, garlic necklace.
Panpipe Quest 0 Jakundaf Desert panpipes, 2 small amethysts, power ring
Parchment Room Quest 0 Edron key 6010, bone, stealth ring, 2 talons, skull.
Plate Armor Quest 0 Ghostship plate armor
Poison Daggers Quest 0 Edron 2 poison daggers, 30 poison arrows
Power Bolts Quest 0 Plains of Havoc 5 power bolts, 12 burst arrows, two handed sword, Book
Power Ring Quest 0 Femor Hills power ring, bronze amulet
Ring Quest 0 Edron time ring, sword ring
Sam's Old Backpack Quest 35 Kazordoon dwarven armor
Scale Armor Quest 0 Thais scale armor
Scimitar Quest 0 Revendal scimitar, chain armor, chain legs
Shaman Treasure Quest 0 Edron 3 blank rune
Silver Brooch Quest 0 Venore silver brooch, 2 small ruby, 3 small diamond
Six Rubies Quest 0 Thais 6 small ruby
Skull of Ratha Quest 0 Amazon Camp white pearl, 2 black pearls, skull of ratha, wolf tooth chain, dwarven ring, 100 gold, crystal necklace
Spike Sword Quest 0 Kazordoon spike sword
Stealth Ring Quest 0 Darashia stealth ring, protection amulet
Steel Helmet Quest 0 Kazordoon steel helmet, 47 gold, 56 gold, scroll
Thais Lighthouse Quest 0 Thais battle hammer, dark shield
The Ancient Tombs Quest 75 Ankrahmun helmet of the ancients
The Ape City Quest 0 Port Hope ability to buy bananas and monkey statues and permission to go to forbidden lands.
The Desert Dungeon Quest 20 Jakundaf Desert 100 platinum coins and a green bag with: protection amulet, ring of healing, magic light wand and ankh.
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction 40 Mal'ouquah 10,600 gold, gemmed lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Marids and Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun
The Djinn War - Marid Faction 40 Ashta'daramai 10,000 gold, 3 small sapphires, gemmed lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Efreet and Green Djinns in Ankrahmun
The Holy Tible Quest 0 Plains of Havoc the holy tible
The Horse Mission 0 Northport brown horse mount
The Outlaw Camp Quest 45 Outlaw Camp bright sword, red gem
The Panther Tamer 0 Port Hope panther mount
The Paradox Tower Quest 30 Kazordoon 2 out of, phoenix egg, 32 talons, 100 platinum coins, yellow spellwand
The Pits of Inferno Quest 80 Plains of Havoc backpack of holding, pair of soft boots, stuffed dragon, frozen starlight, Uh rune(10x), Sd rune(10x), Explosion rune(30x), Hmm rune(50x), one of warmasters armor, archer armor, magicians robe
The Plate Quest 0 Revendal plate armor, plate legs
The Postman Missions Quest 0 Kevins office cheaper parcels (10 gp), letters (5 gp), boat fares (10 gp cheaper). Use of locked mailboxes, post officers hat and post horn, ability to deal with Rashid.
The Queen of the Banshees Quest 60 Carlin boots of haste, giant sword, tower shield, stealth ring, stone skin amulet and 100 platinum coins
The Reindeer Caller 0 Heimdir reindeer mount
The Terror Bird Spellcaster 0 Revendal terror bird mount
Throwing Star Quest 0 Thais 10 throwing stars
Time Ring Quest 0 Shadowthorn time ring, cryctal necklace, crystal ball
Triangle Tower Quest 0 Triangle Tower dwarven ring, 2 small sapphires, garlick necklace
Triple UH Rune Quest 0 Edron ultimate healing rune with 3 charges
Troll Cave Quest 0 Edron brass legs, garlic necklace
Vampire Shield Quest 70 Edron vampire shield, dragon lance, strange symbol, black pearl, mysterious fetish
Voodoodoll Quest 0 Venore doll, magic lightwand
Wedding Ring Quest 0 Edron wedding ring, dragon necklace
White Pearl Quest 0 Ankrahmun white pearl
NameKillsEndok Profile >>
Amazons 200 2,900 exp, 3,000 gold,
Ancient Scarabs 200 28,800 exp, 7,000 gold,
Apes 1,000 23,000 exp, 8,000 gold,
Badgers 50 75 exp, 700 gold,
Banshees 500 85,000 exp,
Barbarians 1,000 24,000 exp,
Bats 50 200 exp, 1,000 gold,
Bears 50 345 exp, 800 gold,
Behemoth 200 100,000 exp,
Beholders 100 3,400 exp,
Bog Raiders 150 24,000 exp, 6,000 gold,
Bonebeasts 250 29,000 exp, 4,000 gold,
Bugs 50 270 exp, 500 gold,
Carniphilas 50 3,750 exp, 3,000 gold,
Chakoyas 500 4,300 exp,
Crocodiles 50 1,000 exp, 1,000 gold,
Cyclop Drones 500 20,000 exp, 10,000 gold,
Cyclop Smiths 500 25,000 exp,
Cyclops 500 15,000 exp, 5,000 gold,
Demons 6,666 799,200 exp,
Djinns 500 19,000 exp, 8,000 gold,
Dragon Lords 500 210,000 exp,
Dragons 1,000 140,000 exp,
Dwarf Geomancers 1,000 50,000 exp,
Dwarves 1,000 26,250 exp,
Dworcs 200 1,533 exp, 900 gold,
Dynams 500 700,000 exp,
Elder Beholders 469 50,000 exp,
Elves 500 9,733 exp, 4,000 gold,
Fire Devil 100 5,500 exp, 2,000 gold,
Fire Elemental 100 11,000 exp, 6,000 gold,
Frost Dragons 1,000 185,000 exp,
Frost Trolls 100 690 exp, 1,100 gold,
Giant Spiders 500 90,000 exp,
Goblins 500 2,500 exp, 2,000 gold,
Heroes 300 140,000 exp,
Hunters 100 500 exp, 4,000 gold,
Hyaenas 100 800 exp, 700 gold,
Hydras 500 210,000 exp,
Infernalists 500 700,000 exp,
Insects 500 700,000 exp,
Larvas 200 1,760 exp, 500 gold,
Liches 100 45,000 exp,
Lions 100 1,500 exp, 1,500 gold,
Lizards 1,000 30,000 exp, 7,000 gold,
Magicians 500 500,000 exp,
Minotaurs 1,000 21,250 exp,
Necromancers 100 17,400 exp,
Orcs 500 27,100 exp, 3,000 gold,
Orcs 200 1,506 exp, 500 gold,
Outlaws 100 1,815 exp, 1,500 gold,
Priestess 500 60,000 exp,
Ranorks 500 800,000 exp,
Rats 100 225 exp, 400 gold,
Rotworms 300 2,400 exp, 700 gold,
Scarabs 300 7,200 exp, 2,000 gold,
Scorpions 100 1,800 exp, 700 gold,
Serpent Spawns 500 200,000 exp,
Snakes 50 200 exp, 600 gold,
Snouts 500 1,200,000 exp,
Spiders 100 852 exp, 750 gold,
Stone Giants 200 6,200 exp, 5,000 gold,
Swamp Trolls 100 500 exp, 800 gold,
Swamplings 500 600,000 exp,
Tarantulas 250 6,000 exp, 4,000 gold,
Terror Birds 100 4,500 exp, 2,000 gold,
Tortoises 1,000 18,000 exp,
Trolls 200 800 exp, 400 gold,
Undeads 300 9,540 exp,
Undeads 300 3,600 exp, 700 gold,
Vampires 300 11,000 exp,
War Wolves 100 2,200 exp, 3,000 gold,
Warlocks 1,000 750,000 exp,
Wasps 100 960 exp, 500 gold,
Witches 100 2,400 exp, 3,500 gold,
Wolves 100 720 exp, 600 gold,
Wyrms 500 200,000 exp,
Seasonal 85x-2x rate
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